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    Actuellement, il est professeur à l'Académie polonaise des sciences et chercheur associé au laboratoire d'informatique LIP6 de Sorbonne Université.

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    Véhicules autonomes, objets connectés, IoT, médecine prédictive: Qui le sera demain? Previously Nicolas was a PhD student in particle physics at University Paris-Diderot working in theoretical and experimental aspects of Quantum Chromodynamics. His topic was rencontres paris 12 to the calculation and the measurement of perturbative corrections to Quantum Chromodynamics processes which influence the search of new signals in the high energy region that is studied at LHC.

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    He was also involved rencontres paris 12 the analysis of detector noises in the ATLAS experiment and the development of new algorithms to catch them efficiently. Nicolas realises that this technology would disrupt the way companies are processing their daily data if he could rencontres paris 12 it out of the academic sphere to make it accessible to rencontres paris 12 experts who haven't any Data Science education.

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    He founded DreamQuark in rencontres paris 12 the objective of developing Brain, a software platform that automates model training based on Deep Learning and allows an easy deployment, quick to meet the daily needs of companies in financial and health sectors.

    InHe created DreamUp Rencontres voyages developing a cognitive learning engine which relies on deep-learning technologies.

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    DreamUp Vision enables detecting at their earlier stage diabetic retinopathies, major cause of blindness in the working-age population.